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Dali Professional 1.2

Dali is a self-configuring intelligent data access layer that...

Dali is a self-configuring intelligent data access layer that connects your. NET classes to your relational database--without code generation and with little or no code changes.

By analyzing your classes and database structure, Dali dynamically generates and caches all the necessary SQL to perform create, read, update and delete (CRUD) operations; automatically and behind the scenes.

There is no need to know SQL or even ADO. NET. Dali abstracts these inside a simple class library. Easy to use methods like Load() and Save() do all the work of loading an object`s state from the database and saving the object`s state back to the database.

If you know basic object oriented principles and can create classes, you already have what it takes to use Dali. In some cases, you can have your code using Dali within minutes.

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